Sunday, June 3, 2012

Articles from 5/26/12 to 6/27/12

"Schubert at the Piano" by Gustav Klimt, 1899
5/26/12 - "Weight of the World" Amy Speace - The finest Memorial Day song, from Youtube

5/27/ 12 - "Happy Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!" from Ted Lamphair and VOA

5/28/12 - "D-Day: The World War Two Normandy Invasion" from VOA


5/29/12 - "Financial Progress" by Claudia Herrera from NMJ

5/30/12 - "The Bride of California" by Yasmeen al Hbaishy from NMJ

5/31/12 - "Two Volcanoes" by Esperanza Villanueva from NMJ

6/01/12 - "All Things Wise and Wonderful" a book review by Susana Deng from NMJ

6/04/ 12 - "Think Positive" by Andrea Coto from NMJ

6/05/12 - "A Roofing Accident" by Eugenio Ramirez from NMJ

6/17/12 - "Summertime" from the opera, "Porgy and Bess" by George and Ira Gershwin

6/18/12 - "Tequilla" by Rosa Perez Hernandez

6/19/12 - "Memories of a Dead Soul" by David Barrera

6/25/12 - "The Economy in Europe" by Kerstin Ulrich from NMJ

6/27/12 - "My First Day in San Francisco" by Irene Clark from NMJ

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