Sunday, April 15, 2012

Level 7/8, Spring 2012, Student Writings

"At the Theater" by Mary Cassatt, 1879

"All Things Wise and Wonderful" by Susana Deng

"Tequila" by Rosa Perez Hernandez

"Poetess Cora Coralina" by Leonara Soares

"The Consequences of Drunk Driving" by Yadira Gonzalez

"When I Was a Child" by Sandra Calderon

"The Pets I Used to Have in Mexico" by Clarissa A. Marquez

"The Economy in Europe" by Kerstin Ulrich

"A Roofing Accident" by Eugenio Ramirez

"The Mary Kay Company and Me" by Maria Teresa Anaya

"Memories of a Dead Soul" by David Barrera

"The Bride of California" by Yasmeen al Hbaishy

"The Zapatista Army" by Delfino Vasquez

"The Two Volcanoes" by Esperanza Villanueva

"Financial Progress" by Claudia Herrera

"Our Healer (Curandera)" by Esperanza Villanueva

"Mariachi" by Victor Ortiz Como

"Think Positive" by Andrea Coto

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