Monday, January 30, 2012

Articles from Spring Semester, 2012

"The Blank Page" Rene Magritte, 1967

1/17/12 - "The Law is For Everybody". The story of Sojourner Truth.

1/18/12 - The great abolitionist and orator, Frederick Douglass.

1/19/12 - Harriet Tubman builder of the Underground Railroad.

1/20/12 - Lincoln Frees the Slaves The story of The Emancipation Proclamation

1/24/12 - Matt Henson at The North Pole from Edcon Publishing

1/25/12 - "The Origins of English, Part One" from VOA

1/26/12 - "The Origins of English, Part Two" from VOA

1/27/12 - "Black People Seek Change in the 1920s" from VOA.

1/30/12 - "Ella Fitzgerald and the Harlem Renaissance" from VOA.

1/31/12 - "Duke Ellington, Part One" from VOA

2/2/12 - "Duke Ellington, Part Two" from VOA

2/3/12 - "Louis Armstrong" America's Ambassador of Jazz from VOA

2/6/12 - "The Emperor Penguin" from VOA

2/7/12 - "Antarctica: Scientific Laboratory" from VOA

2/9/12 - "Jesse Owens" the man who outran the Third Reich, from VOA

2/10/12 - "The Legendary Mississippi River" from VOA

2/12/12 - Abraham Lincoln's Birthday. He was born on February 12, 1809.

2/13/12 - "Lincoln Portrait" from VOA

2/14/12 - "Aaron Copland: Composer" from VOA

2/15/12 - "Sam's Towers" from Edcon Publishing

2/16/12 - "Langston Hughes, Part One" from VOA

2/21/12 - "The Man Who Painted Washington" from Edcon Publishing

2/22/12 - "Langston Hughes, Part Two" from VOA

2/23/12 - "The Californian's Tale" by Mark Twain, from VOA

2/24/12 - "Rosa Parks: The Civil Rights Movement Begins"

2/27/12 - "Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s" from VOA

2/29/12 - "Martin Luther King Jr., Part Two" from VOA.

3/01/12 - "Jose's Special Gift" from Edcon Publishing

3/02/12 - "Roberto Clemente" from Edcon Publishing

3/05/12 - "The Tell Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe from VOA.

3/06/12 - "Celia Cruz: The Queen of Salsa" from VOA.

3/07/12 - "Ida Tarbell: Investigative Reporter" from VOA.

3/08/12 - "Diego Rivera: The People's Artist"

3/09/12 - "Wonders of the World: A New List" from VOA.

3/12/12 - Jim Beckwourth and "The Grizzly Bear" from Edcon Publishing.

3/12/12 - My Philosophy of Teaching ESL

3/13/12 - "The Last Leaf" by O. Henry, from VOA.

3/14/12 - "Christian The Lion, an Amazing Story"

3/15/12 - "The Evolution of American Folk Music" from VOA.

3/16/12 - "The Seven Wonders of the World" from VOA.

3/19/12 - "Stonehenge: A Mysterious Ancient Temple" from VOA.

3/20/12 - "The White Heron" by Sarah Orne Jewett, from VOA.

3/21/12 - "Natural Wonders of the World" from VOA.

3/22/12 - "Cesar Chavez" the great leader of the California farm workers, from VOA.

4/2/12 - "Modern Wonders of the World" from VOA.

4/3/12 - "The Tallest Buildings in the World" from VOA.

4/5/12 - "Hank Williams: Great Country and Western Singer" from VOA.

4/6/12 - "Mysterious Changes in the Forest" from Edcon Publishing.

4/6/12 - "BBC's Planet Earth: Seasonal Forests" program guide from Discovery Channel.

4/9/12 - "Design Is Where You Find It" from Edcon Publishing

4/10/12 - "Maya Lin's Landscapes" from VOA.

4/11/12 - "Tombstone, Arizona" and the Old West.

4/12/12- "Grand Canyon National Park" from VOA.

4/13/12- "Cole Porter, Part One" from VOA.

4/16/12- "The Museum of the Chinese in America" from VOA.

4/17/12- "Doctor Spock: The Greatest Baby Doctor" from VOA.

4/18/12- "Cole Porter, Part Two" from VOA.

4/19/12- "Underground Adventure" from Edcon Publishing

4/20/12- "Carlsbad Caverns National Park" from VOA

4/20/12- "BBC's Planet Earth: Caves, an Introduction" by The Discovery Channel

4/23/12 - "Sleep Science: Dreams and Dreaming" from VOA

4/24/12 - "The Nightwalkers" from Edcon Publishing

4/25/12- "George Gershwin, Part One" from VOA

4/26/12- "George Gershwin, Part Two" from VOA

4/30/12 - "The Wright Brothers" from VOA

5/01/12 - "Remembering the X-15" from VOA

5/02/12 - "Project Mercury, Part One" from VOA

5/03/12 - "Project Mercury, Part Two" from VOA

5/04/12 - "James Brown: The Godfather of Soul" from VOA

5/07/12 - "Star Wars Robots" from Edcon Publishing

5/08/12 - "Buffalo Bill Cody" from VOA

5/08/12 - "Jackson Pollack: Abstract Expressionism" from VOA

5/09/12- "The Triple" from Edcon Publishing

5/10/12 - "Walt Disney" from VOA

5/11/12 - "Ted Nash: Jazz and Art" from VOA

5/14/12 - "Mesa Verde National Park" from VOA

5/14/12 - "The Dance of the Bees" from Edcon

5/15/12 - "Yosemite National Park" from VOA

5/16/12 - "Mount Everest" from VOA

5/17/12 - "The Historic Hudson River" from VOA

5/18/12 - "The Missouri River" from VOA

5/18/12 - "BBC Planet Earth: Fresh Water" The Discovery Channel

5/21/12 - "Four Western National Parks" from VOA

5/22/12 - "White Sands National Monument" from VOA

5/23/12 - "Trapped in Death Valley" from Edcon Publishing

5/24/12 - "Death Valley" from VOA

5/24/12 - "BBC's Planet Earth: Deserts" from the Discovery Channel


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The History of Civil Rights

The holiday we celebrate on January 16th, the birthday of Martin Luther King, is an opportunity for educators to discuss the importance of King and his leadership role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. However, in order to understand the MLK story and the Civil Rights Movement, it's important to point out the struggles by African Americans for their freedom that took place throughout American history. Fortunately, the outstanding programming provided by Voice of America Special English as well as the Edcon Publishing Group allows teachers to draw on the history, biography, and also the music and poetry that provide a background and context for the Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights story. As a teacher of English as a Second Language, I will use these articles in the first weeks of Spring Semester in the second half of my classes in ESL 7/8 and ESL 5/6. I think also, judging from the use patterns of the Mission Language Lab website, these stories can be useful for teachers of grade school and middle school level students. They're interesting, fun, and the comprehension checks which I have supplied at the end of each selection provide a challenge for students they enjoy and which also help them to develop reading and listening skills. I will be listing these articles each day under the "What's New" section of the blog at the right top side of the Mission Language Lab main page. But, for your convenience, I will post here the links in case you want to use your own order or to select the articles that are most useful for your presentation and curriculum.

Isabel/Sojourner Truth
Frederick Douglas
Harriet Tubman
The Emancipation Proclamation
W.E.B. Dubois
Matt Henson and The North Pole
The Movement of African Americans to Northern Cities: 1920s
Ella Fitzgerald and the Harlem Renaissance
Duke Ellington Part One
Duke Ellington Part Two
Langston Hughes Part One
Langston Hughes Part Two
Louis Armstrong

Jesse Owens Outruns The Third Reich
Rosa Parks
Martin Luther King Part One
Martin Luther King Part Two